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Commentary and review on the Middle East matters

・UAE in a swamp due to Houthis' attack (Feb, 2022)

・Remarkable UAE diplomatic activities (Dec, 2021)

・Militry deployment of drones (UCAVs) in the Middle East (Oct, 2021)

・Fraudlent intervention by China and Saudi Arabia suspended WB report (Oct, 2021)

・Baghdad Summit; Different dream in the same bed (Oct, 2021)

・Qatar's triangle diplomacy with Turkey and Taliban (Afghanistan) (Sept, 2021)

・Beirut was not heaven but hell: Incase of Carlos Ghosn (Sept, 2021)

・What happend to the royal family of Jordan (May, 2021)

・Falling Saudi Arabian Diplomacy Part3: Saudi Arabia left behind (Mar. 2021)

・Falling Saudi Arabian Diplomacy Part2: MbS who was a stalled fixer(Feb. 2021)

・Falling Saudi Arabian Diplomacy Part1: Unconditionally Reconciled GCC Summit (Jan. 2021)

・OPEC+ (plus) solidarity is threatened into collapse (Jan. 2021)

・Countries sneaking in the political vacuum of the Middle East (Dec. 2020)

・Israeli-UAE relations rapidly deepening with Abrahama Accord (Nov. 2020)

・Geopolitics in the Middle East: Enemy’s enemy is an ally or another enemy? (Oct.2020)

・Photo tells : The last princess of the Kingdom of Iraq

・Two Princes who endanger the Kingdom(Mar.2020)

・The East Mediterranean sea is stormy(Jan.2020)

・Slight changes in the magnetic field between Saudi, Qatar and UAE(Dec. 2019)

・Where are the Saudi merchant families? (Nov. 2019)

・Saudi New Oil Minister:Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman (Oct 2019)

・Don't miss a business chance!: Weapons deal under the beautified diplomacy(Jun 2019)

・Will Novel Peace Prize be on Israeli PM Netanyahu? (June 2019)

・The day when Saudi Arabia changes its name (May 2019)

・How Saudi Arabia can manage the murder case of Jamal Khashoggi (April 2019)

・Telephone call between Saudi Crown Prince and Japanese PM Abe confirms impatience of Muhammad

・Red signal on the Saudi Vision 2030: Private sectors wary of the Crown Prince (January 2019)

・Photo tells: Critical crack betwen Saudi Arabia and Qatar(Dec. 2018)